"Strategies in applied leadership for all levels."

Applied Leadership

The Glover Group LLC’s Applied Leadership Training Programs are customized to each business needs. As leaders in an ever changing business environment it is paramount to continue to develop skills which help you relate to employees.  Our training is engaging and motivates the attendees to give their opinion and share challenges.  The training approach sets the expectation that everyone is a leader which means we all have followers.  The question is what type of a leader are you or will you be?  The Glover Group will help you and every member of your TEAM find the Leader With In.  LEARN MORE

Leadership Strategy

This package focuses on four key areas that an executive should spend most of their time doing: build and maintain a cohesive leadership team, create organizational clarity, over-communicate organizational  clarity, and reinforce organizational clarity through human systems. This Leadership Strategy package starts with two coaching sessions to explore the effectiveness of our working together. The commitment is open ended with the conclusion by mutual agreement.

Personal Engagement

Our PersonaL Engagement® Services are geared to bring you clarity and provide a launching pad for you to make rapid progress. The PersonaL Engagement® package offerings include:

  • Assessments using Myers Briggs Type Indicator,

  • A full coaching session on each assessment,

  • A Personal Strategy Plan for action planning on improving your strengths,

  • More than 10 hours of online strengths-based education

Business & Career Coaching

Our Business Coaching and Consulting Services focus on making improvements and adjustments to the ever fluctuating work environment so that you and your business performs at a much higher level while continually growing.  We know that the way you run your business will ultimately determine the profits you generate, thus our business coaching methodologies,  products and tools helps to get the most out of your time, resources and investments.

We provide workshops and direct One-on-One Coaching services. Our proven track record of an 85% success rate in helping professionals increase their opportunity for advancement is second to none. If you are unemployed or under-employed our One-on-One direct coaching can help. We provide Resume Development and Career Profile Development. This Includes online Job Search Services.