In the Pursuit of Happiness

At The Glover Group LLC, we believe that success shouldn't be measured only by the dollar amount, but by happiness and quality of life, as well. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams and passions so that you can be happy with what you do and find purpose in life.

Here is a success story from a graduate of our Business and Career Coaching program,


I just wanted to reach out and tell you I have accepted an offer with Matra Petroleum and will be continuing my career doing what I love and am passionate about.  Thank you for your advice and help along the way and I am living proof that if you put in the work and trust the process good things will happen.  Applying what I learned when you spoke to me at your workshop and in our 1 on 1 will stick with me forever and I will pay it forward to anyone I meet that is in a job transitional period.  Hope you have a blessed day and thank you for everything!"


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